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The Best in Memory Care with a Person-Centered Approach

Features & Amenities
The Legacy at Quail Ridge Senior Living offers Residents a unique, individualized level of personal care that focuses on existing strengths. Trained by industry experts, the staff is skilled in working with the physical and cognitive developments of each of the Legacy's Residents in order to empower them to reach their full potential. 

In addition to exploring life stories and getting to know each Resident, the team at The Legacy likes to maintain a relationship with their families and welcome visits to the community. Through its work with Residents and families, The Legacy is always looking to expand its philosophy of well-being to go beyond expectations and offer the highest level of care and support. 

Educated Employees for Dementia Care

Annual dementia training is offered to every Quail Ridge employee—as well as every current employee—so they have the knowledge they need to care for all residents on campus. In assisted living, staff members are educated on dementia and specialized care on a monthly basis. The residents are assessed quarterly for trends in their cognitive function and patterns of familiarity. 

Seniors Socializing

A Typical Day

The Legacy combines a trained staff with the finest lifestyle programs tailored to each residence abilities and strengths. Daily routines support individual choices with flexible meals and an extensive, customizable activity schedule. Residents always have the opportunity to enjoy fun and therapeutic recreation and groups as well as in one-to-one activities.

A few of the programs designed to encourage resident activity and promote good health include yoga, stretching, massage therapy and dancercise. As for the cognitive and creative side, The Legacy offers daily words of inspiration, art and music classes, comedy shows and armchair travels, among others. For those who have a hobby or a gaming spirit, there are many ways to connect with others or work on a craft. No matter what individual preference is a Resident may have, there is always something to do in new ways to promote mental and physical well-being.

Legacy a "Day in the Life"

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our residents while maintaining safety and security. Each of our residents with Alzheimer's Dementia or related Dementia's, have a person-centered care plan. Alzheimer's and related Dementia caused memory loss as well as other cognitive functions to decline in ways that vary greatly. The "Typical Day" for one person is different from another.


Much has been learned about managing the environment of care for persons with memory loss due to Dementia or other neurodegenerative disorders. It's these insights that guide our trained professionals to more effectively care for residents, as well as support their families and friends.


Each day will begin waking up to get ready with a person-centered approach. Then there's a delicious, nutritious breakfast to enjoy with neighbors.


There are a wide variety of activities to engage each interest in cognitive ability. Many are customized and targeted for each person. There could be a therapy session or a rehabilitation activity. Special events and entertainment are a part of our culture in Legacy and continue to provide comfort and community for us together. Our residents have free time to participate in activities, to rest and/or to take a nap.


To the extent possible, they are encouraged to be active. This includes walking and exercising. This promotes a healthy appetite and regular sleep cycles.


Family members, friends and other caregivers are important participants in the care process. To the extent possible, these family members are included to help support the well-being and overall health of the residents.

Playing Chess
Yoga Class for all Ages
Senior Therapy
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